Memphis Rapper Yo Gotti Can Be Arrested in Young Dolph Murder Case After Party Raid and Big Jook Video Leaks? Youtube Video sparked speculation

Yo Gotti arrested at Angela Simmons' party for alleged connection to Young Dolph murder after new video leaks showing Big Jook's shooters.


  • Yo Gotti’s unexpected performance at a concert just a week after his brother, Big Juke, was shot and killed in Memphis.
  • Big Juke was 47 years old and had a close relationship with Yo Gotti, both professionally and personally.
  • The authorities are still investigating his murder, and they have a lead on a white Ford Explorer that may have been involved in the crime.
  • No witnesses have come forward, leading to speculation about why.
  • Yo Gotti performing on stage without acknowledging his brother’s death publicly.
  • Big Juke’s murder could be connected to Young Dolph’s attempted shooting at a cookie store, which may be turned over to the feds for investigation.
  • Artists need to be cautious about their security in the face of potential threats

Yo Gotti Arrested For Young Dolph Murder Claims the Viral Youtube video. Watch the video and decide yourself.

Memphis rapper Yo Gotti can be arrested for a party hosted by Angela Simmons this weekend in connection with the murder of fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph. This comes after new video footage leaked allegedly showing the shooters who killed Gotti’s brother Big Jook last month.

According to sources, police raided the exclusive event looking for Gotti, who was taken into custody. The viral youtube video claims arrest comes following new evidence that has allegedly been uncovered linking Gotti to arranging Young Dolph’s murder in November 2021.

Young Dolph was shot and killed while buying cookies at a South Memphis bakery. Two suspects have already been charged, but police believe others were involved, including the planners and financiers of the hit.

The leaked video purportedly shows two men jumping out of a white Ford Explorer and shooting Jook outside a Memphis restaurant on January 14th. Memphis police had previously released images of the vehicle, believing it carried his killers.

Informants are now alleging that Gotti paid over $6 million to hired guns who killed both Dolph and Jook. Officials claim he wanted them dead over an ongoing feud about territory and money.

Angela Simmons, who was hosting the party and is the daughter of rap legend Rev Run, apparently informed Gotti’s friend and collaborator Moneybagg Yo that authorities were coming for Gotti. This allowed Yo to briefly escape out a back entrance before the raid.

Police are still searching for several other suspects involved in both the Dolph and Jook murders. The investigations are ongoing but these new arrests and evidence may finally lead to multiple convictions. officials believe the crimes are all connected to various rappers and record label rivalries.

The Memphis hip-hop community has been plagued by violence and tragedy over the past couple years. Fellow artists like Drake and Cardi B have pleaded for nonviolence while demanding justice be served swiftly. Fans globally await the outcome of what has become an infamous rap beef turned deadly.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates on the murder investigations and Yo Gotti’s status as police try to piece together details on who killed Young Dolph and Big Jook.