Travis Scott Drops New 2024 Video Single “I Know?” Starring Emily Ratajkowski

Travis Scott New Song 2024 Released "I Know?"

Travis Scott has released a cinematic new music video for his 2024 single “I Know?” featuring Emily Ratajkowski. Keep reading for details on La Flame’s latest visual feast.

Released January 23rd 2024, the video comes in support of Scott’s latest album, Utopia. Directed by both Dave Meyers and Scott, the suspenseful video co-stars model Anok Yai as Scott grapples between two tempting love interests.

Video Highlights Scott’s Signature Style

The video opens with Scott and Ratajkowski waking up in separate rooms after an argument. They proceed to engage in eerily similar parallel activities including:

  • Playing video games
  • Working out
  • Lounging poolside
  • Smoking marij*ana

Intercut through these scenes is Scott with Yai, escalating his confusion over which woman has his heart. This visual tension directly translates “I Know?” lyrics:

I’m lookin’ at her, when her startin’ to turn to you
Now you startin’ to f*** up my mind, is it you, is it her?

Ratajkowski’s Triumphant Return to Music Videos

The “I Know” video marks Ratajkowski’s first appearance in a music video for over 10 years. Her casting alongside Scott’s signature style results in a compelling and celebrity-studded visual event.

Response to Utopia Single

“I Know?” has become a fan-favorite track from Scott’s 2022 album Utopia. Listeners have responded strongly to Scott’s raw and unaltered vocals.

The new video is the latest in a series of strong Utopia visuals including “Thank God,” “Modern Jam,” and “Topia Twins” featuring 21 Savage.

Scott Primed for Big 2024

Even before “I Know?,” Scott experienced a active start to 2024 by joining Playboi Carti on the single “Backr00ms” released New Year’s Day.

Though reviews noted Scott’s rapping itself on Utopia was simply decent, his artistic vision remains undisputed. With standout singles like “I Know?” in rotation, Travis Scott is primed for a monumental 2024.