20 Top White Rappers With Braids – From Cornrows to Dreads

Rapper with braided hairstyle

Key Takeaways

  • Justin Timberlake, Machine Gun Kelly, Post Malone and G-Eazy are some of the most famous white rappers with braids.
  • Cornrows, dreadlocks, and thin braids are common braided styles seen on white rappers.
  • Braids can be a form of creative self-expression and ties into hip hop fashion and culture.
  • Rappers like Lil Dicky, Yelawolf, Riff Raff, and Jack Harlow have all worn memorable braided looks.
  • Braids remain a popular hairstyle choice for white rappers from the 90s until today.

In this article, we will:

As a hip hop blogger who loves the culture, history and artists in rap music, I’m always fascinated by rappers’ signature styles and personas. One trend I’ve noticed is white rappers embracing braided hairstyles as part of their image.

From fresh cornrows to dye-tipped dreadlocks, braids can symbolize creativity and freedom of expression in hip hop fashion. Let’s check out 20 top white rappers who are known for their iconic braided looks over the years.

Old School Braided Style Icons

White Rappers With Braids
Old School White Rappers With Braids

Some of the early white rappers to rock braids did so with pure 90s attitude. These OGs paved the way with their brazen braided styles:

  • Justin Timberlake – Back with NSYNC, Justin sported braids and curls as a fresh faced young star.
  • Vanilla Ice – The “Ice Ice Baby” rapper rocked short white braids at his early 90s peak.

These pioneers made braids a credible style in the game. Next up, some 2000s trendsetters…

Braided Styles of the 2000s Era

The 2000s saw braids become more mainstream and widespread among white rappers:

  • Paul Wall – The grill king often complimented his mouth bling with braids and cornrows, showing Houston style.
  • Yelawolf – The Alabama rapper sported a braided blond mullet as part of his signature look.
  • Macintosh Braun – Old fans will remember when Macintosh debuted braids before going mainstream, even dying them blue.
RapperBraided Style
Justin TimberlakeBleached blond braids
Vanilla IceShort white braids
Paul WallCornrows
YelawolfBlond braided mullet
Macintosh BraunBlue braids
This table shows the old school white rappers from the 90s era and 2000s who paved the way with brazen braided hairstyles.

The 2000s cemented braids as a legit style worn by chart-topping white rappers. Onward to the 2010s generation…

A New Generation Reps Braids

In the 2010s, a fresh crop of young white rappers brought braided looks into the social media era:

  • Lil Dicky – The comedian rapper often wears his hair in thin braids, befitting his smart and silly style.
  • Post Malone – No stranger to eclectic style, Post has worn braids, dreads, and cornrows.
  • G-Eazy – G-Eazy stayed slicking his braids back into a stylish look as he blew up.
RapperBraided Style
Lil DickyThin braids
Post MaloneBraids, dreads, cornrows
G-EazySlicked back braids
This table highlights the fresh young white rappers from the 2010s generation who brought braided looks into the social media age.

The new school made braids feel fresh and current in the internet age. But plenty of today’s rising rappers also braid it up…

Braids Among Today’s Young Rappers

Even now, Gen Z rappers are keeping braids as an edgy and creative style:

  • Jack Harlow – The “What’s Poppin” rapper has worn simple cornrow braids at times.
  • Russ – Russ’ curly hair often gets styled into various tight braids.
  • Lil Xan – Lil Xan showed off hip hop edge by braiding his hair with beads.
RapperBraided Style
Jack HarlowCornrow braids
RussTight braids
Lil XanBraids with beads
This table shows current young white rappers keeping braids fresh and trendy among today’s Gen Z hip hop artists.

The tradition clearly continues with Gen Z rappers keeping braids fresh today.

Memorable Braided Looks

Beyond the major rappers listed already, plenty of others have experimented with braids over the years:

  • Riff Raff‘s neon braids were an iconic 2000s look.
  • Mike Posner and his curls were known for cornrow braids in his prime hitmaking days.
  • Action Bronson brings a rough-and-tumble style, including messy braids at times.
  • Machine Gun Kelly often went for signature thin braids in wild colors.
  • Lil Pump – Known for his skinny blond dreadlocks and braids during his quick rise.
  • Lil Wyte – The Memphis rapper has sported signature cornrows and braids through the years.
  • Lil Peep – Rocked bright, short braids in his punk rap style.
  • Logic – Known for wearing his hair in cornrow braid styles at times.
  • Lil Man J – The South Carolina rapper rocks simple braids as part of his young, edgy style.

The list goes on – the variety of braided styles seen on white rappers is as diverse as the artists themselves.

Why Do White Rappers Wear Braids?

Ultimately, white rappers gravitate toward braids for similar reasons as black artists:

  • It’s connected to hip hop culture and music overall.
  • Braids allow free self-expression through hairstyling.
  • Intricate braids signal creativity and edge.
  • Braids have an urban style that rappers want to portray.

As rapper Yelawolf explained:

“I wear braids because I love the style. Hip hop has always been about expressing yourself in your own way.”

Rapper Russ shared:

“I just think braids look dope, it’s how I like to wear my hair. People of any race or background should be able to rock them.”

In short, braids let rappers display their unique style as artists.

Conclusion: Braids Remain Timeless in Rap

From the old school to today’s rising stars, braids are here to stay as an iconic rapper hairstyle. As hip hop continues to influence culture globally, creative braided looks will likely live on. White rappers help show that braids are about expression, not just race or background.

So whether flowing free, slickly braided back, or colorfully dyed, expect to see rappers repping braids for years to come. For music artists and fans alike, braids will continue capturing the creative spirit of hip hop.