Today’s Top 10 Streamed Rappers on Spotify

Top 10 Streamed Rappers on Spotify

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Top 10 Streamed Rappers on Spotify – 5th Jan 2024

Today’s chart, dated January 5, 2024, showcases the dynamic shifts and achievements in the Hip Hop landscape.

PositionArtist – TitleDays on ChartToday’s Streams
1Jack Harlow – Lovin On Me571,686,726
2Nicki Minaj – FTCU29987,921
3Doja Cat – Agora Hills106908,271
4SZA – Snooze393858,742
5JID – Surround Sound (w/ 21 Savage, Baby Tate)95858,016
6Drake – IDGAF (w/ Yeat)92801,643
7Lil Tecca – 500lbs117761,711
8Travis Scott – I KNOW ?162757,784
9Gunna – fukumean204745,257
10Tyler, The Creator – See You Again (w/ Kali Uchis)938719,724

Today’s Insights and Trends

  1. Jack Harlow – “Lovin On Me” remains the chart’s leader. Remarkably, this track has been on the chart for 57 days, consistently retaining the top spot.
  2. Nicki Minaj – “FTCU” at position 7, shows her enduring appeal. This track’s rise in just 29 days highlights her influence in the genre.
  3. Doja Cat – “Agora Hills” ranks 9th, illustrating her versatility and the song’s broad appeal over 106 days.
  4. SZA – “Snooze” at 10, reflects a steady fanbase, remaining on the chart for 393 days. Its peak at 9 signifies a strong, loyal following.
  5. JID – “Surround Sound” impresses at 11, with its collaboration with 21 Savage and Baby Tate enhancing its reach.
  6. Drake – “IDGAF”, featuring Yeat, at 14, showcases his ability to stay relevant and chart-topping.
  7. Lil Tecca – “500lbs”, a newer entry at 15, indicates his rising prominence in the Hip Hop community.
  8. Travis Scott – “I KNOW ?”, holding strong at 16, exemplifies his unique style and fan dedication.
  9. Gunna – “fukumean” at 17, highlights his evolution as a prominent Hip Hop artist.
  10. Tyler, The Creator – “See You Again”, a long-standing favorite at 21, shows the lasting impact of his music.