Kid Cudi Recalls Kanye West’s ‘Sincere’ Apology That Ended Their Years-Long Beef

Kid Cudi Recalls Kanye West's 'Sincere' Apology in an recent interview
Image Credit: Neil Rasmus/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

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  • Cudi compared his bond with Kanye to that of brothers – inevitable fights but always family
  • Kanye covered the costs for Cudi’s first “Day ‘n Nite” music video before he was signed
  • Cudi credits Kanye as a champion early in his career who did things no one else did
  • Their relationship soured over Cudi’s friendship with Pete Davidson, but they have since reconciled
  • “The reason we became cool again is because [Kanye] apologized to me and it was sincere,” Cudi revealed

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Kid Cudi and Kanye West share a brotherly bond that has endured dramatic ups and downs over the years since Cudi first emerged on the hip hop scene. In a wide-ranging recent interview with Zane Lowe, Cudi took time to reflect on his rollercoaster relationship with West, including the sincere apology from Kanye that finally mended the rift in their friendship.

Cudi and Kanye: Creative Brothers with Natural Highs and Lows

Cudi compared his connection with West to that of brothers, saying that fights and eventual reconciliations seem inevitable. “Siblings hurt you the most. So you go through things, but family is always there,” Cudi explained. “You don’t give up on family.”

Their brotherly bond was forged in 2008 when a then up-and-coming Cudi caught West’s attention and was signed to his G.O.O.D. Music imprint. West quickly championed Cudi as a creative force and the two collaborated on multiple tracks that helped launch Cudi’s career into the stratosphere. They scaled even greater creative heights together in 2018 when they released Kids See Ghosts, a joint album project that showcased their natural creative chemistry.

“He’s someone who is my brother ultimately who came into my life and championed me and did things for me that nobody else did for me early on in my career,” Cudi said, emphasizing West’s essential role in nurturing his nascent talent.

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In fact, West had such belief in Cudi’s star potential that he paid for the entire music video budget for Cudi’s breakout hit single “Day ‘n’ Nite,” which started garnering buzz before Cudi had even inked a record deal. “He got So Me to shoot it,” Cudi recalled. “[So Me] was just doing a favor.”

Beef Sparked by Cudi’s Friendship with Pete Davidson

But the brothers hit a rough patch after West faced mounting controversy over erratic behavior and started burning bridges in the hip hop world and within his own family. West eventually turned his attacks onto Cudi too, accusing him of disloyalty for maintaining a friendship with Pete Davidson, who was dating West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian at the time.

Cudi admitted he was deeply hurt by West’s accusations and wanted to walk away at that point. “I wanted to give up, but in thinking about it the past couple years, it’s like this is someone who is my brother ultimately… We’re family. You don’t give up on family,” Cudi reflected.

West’s Rare Apology Helps Thaw Ice Between the Two

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After years of tension, West surprised Cudi by offering him a sincere apology earlier this year. “The reason why we became cool again is because he apologized to me and it was sincere. I was just like, wow,” Cudi revealed. “Kanye does not apologize to anybody and say sorry to anyone. And that’s my brother, man. There’s just nothing like Kanye and Cudi. We’re the duo that everybody loves to see.”

Cudi said West’s willingness to own up and apologize showed personal growth and learning from past mistakes. “He knows he’s been on one hell of a ride and he knows he’s said some things that he might not be able to come back from in a lot of realms, in a lot of spaces from certain people,” Cudi commented. “But we grow and I think I pray for him, and that’s my brother.”

Reunited Through Music Once Again

Since burying the hatchet, the two creative brothers have already reunited musically. Cudi was brought on stage during a recent listening session for West’s upcoming collaboration album with Ty Dolla $ign. And West promoted Cudi’s song “ElectroWaveBaby” on Instagram, off Cudi’s new album Insano.

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Despite the natural up and downs, Cudi made it clear their brotherly connection remains unbreakable. He went on to emphasize that West has a good heart and soul deep down. “He’s learning and he’s growing,” Cudi said. “He knows he made some mistakes and I think that that’s the beauty of it.”

Their lifelong bond, both personal and artistic, endures the tests of time and fame. Music brought them together, tensions pulled them apart for a time, and then music reunited them once again.

Watch Zane Lowe’s interview with Cudi in its entirety below.

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Image Credit: Neil Rasmus/BFA/REX/Shutterstock