Kanye West Gets Custom Titanium Dentures and No, It is not Permanent, Claims the Group of Dentist

Kanye West Gets Custom Titanium Dentures

From Yeezys to Titanium Teeth: Kanye West’s Shocking Dental Transformation

  • Diamonds? Nah, Kanye’s Got $850K TITANIUM GRIN!
  • Fans Flippin’ Out: “Yeezy’s Gone Full Bond Villain!”
  • Is It Genius or Insane? The Web Can’t Decide!
Kanye West Gets Custom Titanium Dentures
Image credit: Kanye West Instagram

Forget diamonds, Kanye West’s got titanium in his grill! The rapper just dropped jaws (literally) with his latest Instagram post, showcasing a custom-made set of titanium dentures worth more than a fancy house.

According to PLASTIC SURGERY CONSULTANT, west did NOT remove all his teeth . That is false , this is a mold/“Denture” that is placed ON TOP of his teeth. While Big Media like DailyMail confirmed that it is indeed a permanent fixture and for that he had to remove his teeth.

So, what’s the truth? Well, Although it might seem like Kanye got rid of his real teeth, Dr. Connelly, who put in his new teeth, confirmed that they’re actually still there under the metal ones and it removable.

Kanye West was recently spotted with JPEGMAFIA showcasing his new platinum denture

Kanye West with JPEGMAFIA showcasing his new platinum denture
Kanye West with JPEGMAFIA showcasing his new platinum teeth smiling for camera

Jaws or Genius? Kanye West’s $850K Dentures Spark Internet Frenzy

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Some fans are loving the futuristic vibes, comparing Kanye to a Bond villain with his gleaming grin. Others are raising eyebrows at the price tag, rumored to be a cool $850,000. Is it art, extravagance, or just plain weird?

Kanye West Platinum Teeths

Social Media Erupts: Kanye West’s Titanium Dentures Spark Debate on Cost and Necessity

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The internet’s buzzing with opinions on Kanye’s pearly (well, metallic) whites. Some are praising his bold move, while others are questioning the practicality of chomping on metal. One thing’s for sure, Kanye’s got everyone talking.

Some comments on the twitter threads are just hilarious –

Kanye West New Platinum Teeths Denture

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Love it or hate it, Kanye’s titanium teeth are a headline-grabbing sensation. Will this be his crowning achievement or his most bizarre stunt? Only time will tell.