Top 5 Female Rappers From Dallas Taking Over the Hip Hop Scene

Dallas Female Rappers

Dallas has become a buzzing hotspot for talented female rappers and empowered women in hip hop. The city’s vibrant scene has cultivated diversity and original voices allowing leading ladies to flourish. Get ready for:

This article will highlight 5 top female rappers putting on for Dallas, from beloved veteran Erykah Badu to new viral sensations like Erica Banks making waves. We’ll explore their unique styles, biggest hits, controversies, musical influences and more.

Discover why Dallas is home to some of the most audacious women in rap thriving right now.

1. Erykah Badu

the legendary Erykah Badu
The legendary Erykah Badu

You can’t discuss Dallas hip hop without paying respect to the legendary Erykah Badu. Since her seminal 1997 debut Baduizm, she’s been dubbed the “First Lady of Neo-Soul” and the godmother of the city’s thriving music scene. Erykah’s cosmic vibe blending jazz, funk, and soul sparked a movement and launched careers for female rappers from Dallas.

Beyond her game-changing albums, Erykah is a 4-time Grammy winner renowned for her visionary live shows and iconic style. She mentored younger Dallas MCs like her rapper daughter Puma Curry. Even in her 40s, Miss Badu remains a creative force dropping viral hits like “Hit Me Back.”

Erykah Badu forever redefined soul and rap music on her own terms with an experimental neo-soul sound. All female singers and rappers from Dallas owe a debt to the vibes and opportunities she manifested. There is no Badu blueprint to follow because she embodies empowered originality.

“I grew up in Dallas music. That’s my soul, my truth.” – Erykah Badu

Her Social Profile: Instagram | YouTube

2. Erica Banks

Erica Banks
Female Rapper Erica Banks

If you’ve scrolled on TikTok or turned up at a club lately, you’ve likely heard Erica Banks’ smash “Buss It.” When it exploded in 2020, so did this Dallas rapper’s career. Follow-up single “Toot That” with BeatKing only extended her viral sensation status.

Beyond the hypnotic beats, Erica wins over fans with her confident bars embracing sexuality and proud Dallas repping. After grinding for years, her sudden rise in her early 20s is inspiring. Now signed to 1501 Certified Entertainment, she consistently releases fashionable, TikTok-ready visuals that rack up millions of views.

Channeling mentor Lil Kim, Erica Banks oozes a bold, sex-positive attitude through her music and raunchy lyrics. She’s poised to carry on the lineage of women in hip-hop celebrating their sexuality.

“I want to bring back that confidence – that sexy, boss mentality.”Erica Banks

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3. Asian Doll

Asian Doll
Asian Doll Rapper from Dallas

One of the most relentless Dallas rappers is Asian Doll, formerly known as Asian Da Brat. Since 2014, she’s released over 40 mixtapes showcasing her prolific output and verbal flow skills. Asian Doll isn’t afraid to deliver raw, candid bars about her real life struggles growing up in the city.

Tracks like “Grandson” and “Poppin” flaunt Asian Doll’s signature hard-hitting lyrics and melodic hooks. Her unfiltered approach gives fans an authentic view into surviving as a woman in Dallas’ hip hop scene. Collaborations with Gucci Mane, Lil Yachty and City Girls have expanded her brand and stardom.

While some may consider her controversial, Asian Doll’s proven she can hold her own in rap beefs and vicious bars. Her willingness to call out any rapper shows her competitive spirit.

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“Ain’t no chick bigger than me, I’m the biggest of them all.”Asian Doll

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4. Tay Money

Tay Money from Dallas
Tay Money redefining Hip Hop

Dallas artist Tay Money, real name Taylor Hearn, went viral in 2020 with her summer anthem “Bussin 2.0.” Her futuristic, catchy flow and flirty lyrics captivated TikTok before she signed with Capitol Records in 2021. Songs like “The Assignment” flip rap’s misogyny into messages of female empowerment.

The refreshing alien persona Tay Money projects serves as commentary on how she’s unlike anything else in the game. Whether she’s calling out haters on tracks or effortlessly gliding over beats, she’s proved her rapping skills countless times. Her hustle and determination is clearly paying off.

Tay Money resides in her own lane, poised to bring more women in Dallas hip hop into the mainstream. Don’t underestimate her bars and catchy pop-rap style.

“I’m in my own lane, don’t try to compare me.”Tay Money

Her Social Profile: Instagram | YouTube

5. Pink Pressure

Pink Pressure
Pink Pressure – The Female Artists from The City of Dallas

Dallas rapper Pink Pressure built her fanbase performing on Clubhouse before entering the studio. Despite facing skepticism as a female artist, she’s embraced her stage name and authentic musical style.

Growing up, Pink Pressure admired Houston legend Mo3 and aims to continue his legacy of real, evocative tracks. Her songs reflect her life experiences as a single mother and survivor. She touches on relationships, female empowerment, and using hardships to motivate growth.

While building buzz in Dallas’ scene, Pink Pressure has focused on networking and collaboration. She’s open to working with other women and organizing all-female rap cyphers. Pink Pressure celebrates sexuality while calling out exploitation in the industry. Her upcoming EP and videos will reveal more of her musicality.

Recently, her manager Rainwater said that he made a quarter of a million dollars from Pink Pressure, but he couldn’t continue working with her because she got pregnant and he couldn’t deal with the drama.

Her Song on YouTube.

General FAQ about Females Rappers from Dallas:

Who is considered the pioneer of female rappers in Dallas?

The legendary Erykah Badu paved the way for future female artists in Dallas with her experimental neo-soul sound back in 1997. She’s considered the “First Lady” of the city’s hip hop scene.

Which Dallas female rapper went viral on TikTok in 2020?

Erica Banks exploded in popularity thanks to her smash hit “Buss It” soundtracking millions of TikTok videos and making her a viral sensation.

What female Dallas rapper is known for sparking rap beefs?

Asian Doll has become one of the more controversial figures in Dallas hip hop for her ruthless diss tracks and habit of feuding with other rappers.

What distinguishes newcomer Pink Pressure?

Pink Pressure built her following on Clubhouse with raw, relatable tracks touching on her life experiences as a single mother and abuse survivor.

How has Dallas cultivated female rap talent?

The vibrant, supportive scene in Dallas encourages diversity and original voices which has allowed female rappers to flourish.

The female rap scene in Dallas is clearly thriving. From veteran trailblazer Erykah Badu to new voices like Pink Pressure, this city has cultivated a diverse, empowering environment for women in hip hop to succeed.

While their sounds may vary, these audacious leading ladies all rep Dallas to the fullest. Erica Banks and Tay Money prove the hits keep coming, while Asian Doll keeps the streets buzzing. There’s no denying their bold lyricism and realness. With new talents rising up, the future looks bright for female rappers repping Dallas.

The solid foundation Badu built continues to inspire women in hip hop to craft their own paths and uplift each other. Don’t sleep on these standout ladies – they’re poised to take over the game.

So, who is your favorite Dallas Female Rapper? Comment Below.