Famous Celebrities Who Have Invested in Crypto

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Crypto has gone mainstream. What was once a niche interest for tech geeks is now a global phenomenon. Even the rich and famous have gotten in on the action. From rappers to movie stars, these are the celebrities jumping on the crypto bandwagon.

1) Matt Damon: Crypto.com’s Million Dollar Pitchman

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Remember those Crypto.com ads that were everywhere? The ones starring Matt Damon as a brave explorer venturing into the crypto world? “Fortune favors the brave,” he declared dramatically. Those slick commercials cost a fortune – reportedly over $100 million! And Matt Damon was the well-paid face behind them all. The Boston-bred A-lister scored one of the biggest acting paydays ever to become crypto’s pitchman. But he didn’t stop there – Damon also invested big bucks into the very crypto exchange he was shilling. Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is!