Did They Find The Tomb of Drake? This Viral Video Has Everyone Talking about Fake Drake’s Tomb

Featured Image for the news about Canadian Rapper Drake's Tomb.

Story of The Tomb of Drake

Hold your horses, Drizzy fans! A hilarious video claiming Drake’s tomb has been unearthed has gone viral, but hold your breath – it’s a comedian’s clever satire. This video depicts the “discovery” of Drake’s tomb has gone viral, leaving many viewers both entertained and scratching their heads.

The clip, uploaded by comedian Graeme Barrett, known for his previous viral hit “LARPer finding a dead body”, takes viewers on a mock-serious archaeological journey through Toronto’s historic York Cemetery. Armed with a shovel and a tongue firmly planted in his cheek, Barrett dramatically unveils a “newly unearthed” crypt – the supposed final resting place of none other than Drake.

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However, instead of gold sarcophagi and jeweled offerings, the “tomb” reveals… well, a regular crypt. The anticlimactic punchline is part of the video’s charm, poking fun at both celebrity obsession and the sensationalizing of history.

But the laughs haven’t been universal. Some viewers criticized the video for disrespecting Drake and the cemetery’s sacred grounds. Others highlighted the potential for misinformation, especially amongst those unfamiliar with Barrett’s comedic style.

Despite the mixed reactions, one thing’s for sure: the video has sparked conversation. It raises questions about the line between satire and sensationalism, the dangers of online misinformation, and even the cultural impact of Drake himself.

So, is Drake truly entombed beneath a Toronto tombstone? No, not just yet (spoiler alert: we all shuffle off this mortal coil eventually). But while the actual “tomb” may be a comedic fabrication, the video’s virality is a real testament to the internet’s appetite for humor, intrigue, and sometimes, a good dose of healthy skepticism.

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So, the next time you see a headline claiming a celebrity’s eternal resting place has been unearthed i.e. Drake’s Tomb in this case, remember: always check the source, and maybe crack a smile at the absurdity of it all. After all, laughter is the best medicine, even if it comes at the expense of a well-timed internet hoax.

Is there really a Drake tomb in Toronto?

No, The Tomb of Drake in the viral video is a complete fabrication. It’s a comedic work by comedian Graeme Barrett and is not meant to be taken seriously. While there is a real crypt in Toronto’s York Cemetery, it belongs to someone else entirely.

Why did someone make a fake Drake tomb video?

Barrett is known for his comedic hoaxes, and this one pokes fun at both celebrity obsession and the sensationalizing of history. It’s also a play on his previous viral video, “LARPer finding a dead body.”

Isn’t this disrespectful to Drake or the cemetery?

Some viewers feel that way, but others appreciate the humor and see it as harmless fun. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide.

Isn’t this spreading misinformation?

There’s always a risk with satire, but most viewers familiar with Barrett’s work will understand it’s a joke. Still, it’s a good reminder to always be critical of online content and check the source.

What kind of reactions has the video gotten?

It’s been a mixed bag! Some people love it, others hate it, and others just find it strange. But everyone seems to be talking about it!

Will Drake ever respond to the video?

Who knows? Maybe he’ll even join in on the fun! We’ll just have to wait and see.