Benny the Butcher New Album “Everybody Can’t Go” Releasing on 26th January 2024

Image of Benny The Butcher for his New Album Release Date

Benny The Butcher New Album called “Everybody Can’t Go” is set to drop on January 26, 2024, and fans are eagerly waiting. This news was announced it on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

Album Details:

  • Title: Everybody Can’t Go
  • Release Date: January 26, 2024
  • Featuring Artists: The album boasts an impressive lineup including Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Westside Gunn, Jadakiss, Babyface Ray, Peezy, Conway the Machine, Stove God Cooks, Armani Caesar, Rick Hyde, and Kyle Banks.
  • Lead Single: “Big Dog” featuring Lil Wayne
  • Producer: The Alchemist
  • Record Label: Def Jam, Roc Nation, Agency78
  • Significance: This marks Benny’s first album with Def Jam Recordings.

List of Songs in Everybody Can’t Go Album

Germany’s Graduation

One Foot in ft. Stove God Cooks

Everything Together

Five Star Hotel Suite

Fentanyl ft. Armani Caesar

Championship Conditions

The Griselda Express ft. Westside Gunn

Trust’s More Valuable Than Love

Watch These Hoes ft. Jadakiss

Back Again ft. Snoop Dogg

How to Rap

Legend Pt.2

Big Dog ft. Lil Wayne

You can listen to the preview below or can preorder the album on Spotify, Apply Music or Buy the CD here.

Who is Benny the Butcher?

Benny the Butcher, born Jeremie Pennick, is a well-known rapper from Buffalo, New York. Born on November 27, 1984, he’s famous for his real-life storytelling in music. He’s a key member of the group Griselda, alongside his cousins Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine.

Benny’s Music Career

Benny’s journey in music is marked by his gritty and authentic storytelling. Albums like “Tana Talk 3” and “The Plugs I Met” have showcased his unique style. He’s not just a solo artist; he’s also known for collaborating with other big names in the industry.

Why Fans Love Benny

Benny’s music is known for its raw and powerful storytelling. He paints vivid pictures of street life with his words. His beats are strong, and his lyrics are clear, making his music relatable and impactful.

What to Expect

“Everybody Can’t Go” promises to bring together Benny’s storytelling with the talents of famous artists like Snoop Dogg and Jadakiss. The lead single “Big Dog” is just a glimpse of this exciting collaboration.

Mark the Date!

January 26, 2024, is the day. “Everybody Can’t Go” is expected to be a groundbreaking release in Benny’s career. If you’re a fan of authentic hip-hop and powerful collaborations, this album is a must-listen. Get ready for Benny the Butcher’s latest masterpiece!